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While reading Mashable’s article “Google’s New ‘YouTube Slam’ Generates Video Duels.” I was reminded of some of the research I did while writing a paper for one my courses at Cal State Northridge. Here is a brief expert pertaining to the critiques of youtube leveled in Alexandra Juhasz’s article Learning the Five Lessons of YouTube: After Trying to Teach There, I Don’t Believe the Hype

“YouTube is essentially a postmodern television set that delivers mindless distraction in short form videos. The three elements that make a video popular or entertaining are humor, spectacle and self-referentiality. This constitutes a new signature form of video distinct to YouTube that focuses on easy to understand sensations rather than complex meanings. (Juhasz)

(You can read my whole paper here)

YouTube slam absolutely deepens the validity of Juhasz’ critiques.

YouTube describes Slam as a “place for discovering talented amateur singers, the most adorable clips and the craziest videos on YouTube.” Users can play with Slam in five categories: bizarrecomedycutedance and music  (Hernandez, Mashable).”

It appears YouTube Slam aims to specifically be another form of mindlessly distracting entertainment.

Read the Full article and tell me your opinion. Google’s New ‘YouTube Slam’ Generates Video Duels.

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