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Spend a day with me and you’ll quickly see I’m a big tweeter. I have an older phone so its really the only mobile social site I can really use and enjoy. (140 characters and photos are perfect for a text messaging phone.)  And as I mention in an earlier post I always get happy when a business has a twitter account! Because of my older phone, I’m not able to do the yelp, facebook or foursqaure check-ins but what I can do is take a picture, use twitpic and @mention the business name. That’s fun. But what’s much more fun, is when I get a response.

Here are a few example’s of people that get it!


I can always count on @CFANorthridge replying to my tweets! It’s such an easy thing to do, makes your customers feel special and appreciated. It sends a signal that you care about your customers, have taken the time to understand twitter and want to continue to engage in a conversation. It deepens the relationship and enhances a feeling of friendship and happiness towards a brand.


How better to share what people are saying about your brand then to literally share what they are saying! Retweeting gives you a more diverse and interesting voice, and it is especially important for large organizations such as @csunorthridge to make people full like they are valued. Furthermore all you have to do is click one button.

3. RETWEET More!

You can go deeper than just retweet those that are talking about or @ you. Listen to what people are saying about your neighbors, friends and community. Take the above tweet as an example, @LancasterPAC connected to @indiefilmben (me) , @kineticbrewery ( a new micro-brewery / restreaunt across the street), @lancasterblvd (the downtown community), and @nottheonlysolo (my friend) simply by retweeting more.

Share your twitter tips in the comments below and thanks for reading!